The BDHS was established in 1993 to promote and advance the interest in the discovery, preservation and conservation of the histories of Deaf people, their communities, culture and language. It has no staff and is run entirely by volunteers.

A major activity of the BDHS is the continued upkeep of the Deaf Museum and Art Gallery, based in our Warrington premises (see separate page). Other key activities include the publication of the Deaf History Journal three times a year, and organising conferences and seminars as required. One of the most successful conferences in recent years has been the organisation of the 9th Deaf History International Conference held in Edinburgh in conjunction with our partners, Deaf History Scotland. The BDHS’s Research & Publications Department carries out the publishing of books on Deaf History. To promote some of these books, we hold book launches from time to time. These books are listed in our Shop pages.



Our BDHS shop is still open. You can order online, but we will post your order when it is safe to do so, so there may be a delay in receiving your order. We thank you for your patience.