The Deaf Museum and Art Gallery

The BDHS was established in 1993 to promote and advance the interest in the discovery, preservation and conservation of the histories of Deaf people, their communities, culture and language.

It is a volunteers-led organisation with many of its activities run by dedicated volunteers. We have, however, only recently appointed a new part-time Curator of Heritage and Collections for the Museum and another part-time position to take charge of our Deaf archives as an archivist.

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Events and Exhibitions

“The BDHS’s Research & Publications Department carries out the publishing of books on Deaf History.”

What Our Visitors Say

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    We had a great time visiting the museum, it was such an insight to Deaf culture. Quite the treat.
    Quite the treat
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    We happened upon this hidden gem in the side streets of warrington. Keep up the good work guys!
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    The volunteers and staff are fantastic. I recomend any student of history or deaf culture to visit.

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