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Dear everyone,

I am very happy to inform you that you may see hundreds of Deaflympics (former CISS), Deaf European sport and even Deaf Belgian sport pictures taken between 1921 and 1980 : they are inside BDC (Belgian Deaf sport Committee) web.


We should thank a lot to our regretted CISS co-founder Antoine Dresse (1902 – 1998), CISS and BDC co-founder and CISS general secretary-treasurer for 40 yrs.   He made all these pictures himself during his work in International Deaf Sport.

I just remind you that the last pictures (between 1969 and 1980) have French and Dutch subtitles thanks to Nicolas Rettmann’s efforts, our BDC secretary.    Subtitles will be added to other pictures later ….      You may use traduction Google for translating them into English or into other languages.

Have a fun !!    Do not hesitate asking me any questions regarding these wonderful pictures

Bernard le Maire

Responsible of Centre Robert Dresse, Belgian Deaf History Museum, Surcité, Liège, Belgium


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