Relocation of St. Saviour Church artefacts…

Geoffrey's son, daughter and 2 removal volunteers On Tuesday 11 November 2014, the relocation of marvellous artefacts from the St. Saviour Church, London took place.  BDHS Trustees, Geoffrey Eagling, Philippa Merricks, Martin Colville and Gordon Hay arranged for all artefacts to be re-homed at The Deaf Museum & Archive.

It only took Geoffrey to get up at 6 at the morning in Surrey, picking up transit and hiring lifting equipment.  The travel to London with his family members and 2 volunteers from the removal industry, which BDHS are grateful for their time assisting.  Geoffrey then proceeded to drive to Warrington, arriving at 7pm to waiting Philippa and Gordon alongside with Philippa’s partner and those arefacts are re-homed by 8pm.  (Actually, Geoffrey had to drive back to Surrey at the same evening to return the hiring stuff in the following morning).

Those will be put in display once we have managed to find appropriate locations for those within The Deaf Museum & Archive.

Artefacts from the St. Saviour Church re-homedFor those who are unfamiliar with the history of St. Saviour Church, please click on this link for a background information.

A wonderful (and EXTREMELY heavy!) sculpture by Joseph Gawen – The Good Shepard is one of the star attraction along with The Last Summer painting by Frank Maguire.  For those who are keen to find out more about Joseph Gawen, please visit the BSL Zone, a short film has been created about his life.  Artefacts re-homed can be seen in the same short film!

From left to Right: Steven Wynne, Philippa Merricks, Gordon Hay & Geoffrey Eagling at The Deaf Museum & Archive