Profile – Ian Depledge

Profile – Ian D Depledge

Member of the BDHS since 1998 and elected to the BDHS Board of Trustees in 2017.

Deaf since birth, Ian attended two schools for the deaf – Mill Hall School (1959-1967) and Mary Hare Grammar School (1967-1974).

After completing his education, Ian worked at Harrods for one year, and then at Lloyds Bank as IT systems developer for 17 years. After leaving the bank in 1993 he decided to pursue a career working in the Deaf Community, and worked with the London Deaf Access Project at British Deaf Association – BDA (1994-1996), before joining the Deaf Services team at Greenwich Borough Council (1997-2000) and then at Bedfordshire County Council (2000-2004). In 2004 he returned to the BDA where he worked in various roles (including Archives Officer) until 2009, when he went to work in HR administration at an interpreting agency till 2012.

Ian also has carried out a number of roles on a voluntary basis over the years. He was on the management committee of the Sixty-Six Club for some years, eventually becoming a Trustee, and also a Vice President. He was also a Trustee of the Sixty-Six Club Trust Fund, 2000-2006. He joined the BDA as a member in 1974 and was elected in 1991 to the BDA Executive Council (later renamed as Board of Trustees) and served until 1994. It was through these roles that he has acquired a good understanding of the responsibilities of a trustee under charity law.

History was his favourite subject at school and has acquired a keen interest in Deaf history. He was a co-author / editor of the book ‘A Pictorial History of the British Deaf Association 1890-2015’, for which he received BDHS’s Arthur Dimmock Award for a significant contribution to Deaf Literature in 2016. He is also an experienced genealogist, having researched family history in England & Wales, Scotland, Ireland and many other countries abroad.

Ian currently lives near Kingston-upon-Thames.