Profile – Geoffrey Eagling

Profile – Geoffrey J Eagling

In his second stint as Treasurer, Geoffrey J Eagling, born and bred in the leafy Surrey, became deaf through measles at the age of 18 months old.  Educated at Peckham Park PHU, Ackmar Road Deaf School and Burwood Park School, he is currently working as a Draughtsman in the maritime division of civil engineering.

How did Geoffrey get interested in Deaf History?  His grandfather passed his family genealogical notes to Geoffrey and on one of the papers, he wrote ‘D&D’ beneath each great-grandparent on my paternal side.  This turned out to be an abbreviation for ‘deaf and dumb’.  His aunt told him that they met at a school in Brighton but Geoffrey had eventually discovered that his great-grandfather was educated at Margate while his great-grandmother attended Eastern Road School in Brighton.  Ever since, he still maintains an on-going interest on the history of Brighton Deaf & Dumb Institution (1841-1941).

In addition to contributions to Deaf History Journal, he is the author of publications, Ackmar Road 1898-1983: A history of a London School for the Deaf (1998); Sir Arthur Henderson Fairbairn, 1852-1915: Britain’s Deaf and Dumb Baronet (jointly with A. F. Dimmock, 2006) and Burwood Park School: A photographic record of the School Years, cricket and football line-ups: 1955-1996 (2010)

Geoffrey represented the GB athletics team participating the World Games for the Deaf twice – in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1969 and Malmo, Sweden in 1973.  In the final of the 400m Hurdles, Geoffrey raced with the world-class hurdler, Vyacheslav Skomorokhov who came 5th in the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico.