Deaf Museum & Art Gallery

The Deaf Museum & Art Gallery

A department of the British Deaf History Society


Set up in 2006, the Deaf Museum and Archive has grown into a credible national collection consisting of numerous artefacts, deaf artwork and paper archive collections of all kinds. It is maintained and run entirely by volunteers of the British Deaf History Society. The Museum is working towards becoming an accredited specialist museum with the Arts Council which will hopefully open up wider audiences. We are truly the only museum in Britain that is specific to Deafness, Deaf communities and Deaf people.

The Museum is attractively laid out allowing visitors to move around comfortably. Works of art and other objects are displayed on our wall space. Glass cabinets are used to display specific items, some of which are rare.  As a museum where some paintings have been funded by Art Fund grants, we are obliged to allow people who are members of the National Art Pass Scheme to come in and see our paintings whenever we are open.

However, the Museum and Library is normally open during office hours (9 am to 3 pm) on Tuesdays and by special arrangement from time to time, including some evenings and Saturdays to cater for group visits by university students, school groups and adult groups from within the Deaf Community. Specific Open Days are arranged several times a year to allow visits on Saturdays. It is not unusual for coach parties to make visits to the Museum. Saturday openings are usually held once a month between March and November but please note the museum may not open if no prior notice is given of intention to visit.

In 2017, apart from every Tuesday, the Museum opened for visitors and special groups on five evenings, nine days other than Tuesdays and on six Saturdays and we received a total of 294 visitors.

We have also had researchers and visitors from all over the world to access our archives which are stored in a large attic depository. Prior notice must be given to access these archives and normal Public Records Office rules apply within the Museum & Art Gallery.

We sometimes get people “dropping in” to look round the museum, but as the premises are frequently used for meetings or training events or are otherwise not available to open due to staff absences, it would be appreciated if prior notice was given of intention to visit.

There is no admission charge to the Deaf Museum & Art Gallery but as we are entirely dependent on donations and grants, it would be appreciated if visitors are able to make a small donation when they visit.